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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

Three-Month Retreat - Part 1

This six-week partial of the three-month course is a special time for practice. Because of its extended length and ongoing guidance, it is an opportunity for students to deepen the powers of concentration, wisdom and compassion. Based on the meditation instructions of Mahāsi Sayadaw and supplemented by a range of skillful means, this silent retreat will encourage a balanced attitude of relaxation and alertness, and the continuity of practice based on the Buddha’s Four Foundations of Mindfulness.
2019-09-10 (43 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

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2019-10-12 Freeing the Heart from Implicit Bias 49:43
Brian Lesage
This talk offers reflections on how the practice of sense restraint on retreat can help us unlearn the oppressive biases that we have received from society.
2019-10-13 Equanimity 56:20
Jill Shepherd
An exploration of equanimity as support for - and a fruit of - insight practice
2019-10-15 Guided Meditation: Loving Kindness for the Difficult Person and All Beings 54:16
Brian Lesage
This guided meditation includes instructions for cultivating kindness towards a difficult person as well as all beings. The instructions are followed by a guided meditation.
2019-10-16 The great gift we can give to the world 61:28
Annie Nugent
The Dharma transforms and ultimately uproots the defilements of greed, hatred and delusion bringing about a mind of love, compassion and wisdom..This is the great gift we can give to the world.
2019-10-17 Karma And The End Of Karma 60:06
Guy Armstrong
2019-10-18 Patience with the non-production of Dharmas 49:10
Attending on emptiness: Patience with Sankara is a humble practice.
2019-10-18 Touching the Mystery 47:02
Brian Lesage
This talk offers reflections on how to touch the mystery of this path and this practice.
2019-10-20 Right Effort and the Middle Way 52:33
Jill Shepherd
An exploration of common ways that effort gets unbalanced, and some suggestions for how to bring it back into balance
2019-10-21 Stories Of Early Nuns And Modern Woman Teachers 61:50
Carol Wilson
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